Automotive lab scope probe - BNC to 4mm banana plug

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High quality silicone oscilloscope automotive test leads

We are presenting you our new DITEX branded automotive oscilloscope test leads, with very soft silicone insulated wires.

The "DITEX PROBE" has been designed specifically for use with Ditex and other automotive diagnostic oscilloscopes. This reliable design along with a host of versatile accessories, allows you to reach the most difficult point in today’s highly complex automobiles.

Our newrugged, heavy duty oscilloscope automotive test leads are made with silicon insulated leads and nickel plated gripping surfaces for optimum electrical performance. The oscilloscope test leads are available with BNC plugs to connect to your automotive diagnostic equipment.

The standard interconnecting coaxial cable length is 1.5 meters and the total length of insulated lab scope probes is 2 meters to ensure you have enough length for all your needs.

Silicone-insulated test leads are more flexible, more heat and burn resistant, more chemical and solvent resistant, and less sensitive to environmental temperatures. Silicone test lead insulation is great in cold temps when plastic gets stiff – silicone stays very pliable when cold.

  • 150 Strands of Copper Wire
  • Super Flexible Silicone Cover, 18 AWG (0.75 mm2)
  • Jacket special silicone rubber (non-sticking treatment)with2.3mm outer diameter of silicon jacket
  • 2m (7 feet) total length (1.5m coaxial cable and 0.5msilicon wire)
  • Long cable life assured by the soft molded strain reliefs at all stress points
  • Wide operating temperature range: -65 °C to +150 °C
  • Alligator type clip ground lead, and an active test lead with high quality 4 mm banana plug