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AutoScope Easy converts your laptop or desktop PC into a powerful automotive diagnostic oscilloscope

AutoScope Easy is system specially designed and tested as a cheap, reliable and easy to use tool for use primarily by automobile service professionals. It consists of a program in combination with the appropriate hardware adapter. Essentially this is a digital storage USB oscilloscope. Also it can be used by a wide range of other service professionals, which in their activities are facing the need of visualization of low frequency electrical signals, registration and recording slow-variable in time processes whose output value are an electrical signal or can be converted in such. The program included an extensive database to compare the signals and help system to work with it. Extremely small size of the oscilloscope makes it suitable for mobile applications where is necessary to use a laptop.

  • Well-designed electronic circuit device to reduce its own noise;

  • There is a built-in Pre-trigger 5% of the currently selected range by time;

  • Record series of the last 100 screens of the current measurement and recorded sequences may at any time to be open on the screen for review;

  • It allows the user to add their own examples to waveforms to database of the program by recording on only one screen to the base program. The name of the record is set by the user and can be both Latin and Cyrillic. User entries can be deleted if desired;

  • Built-in program sample waveform and also manuscript made sample records can be opened in a separate screen and to be compare to working screen current measurement.

Channels 1
Input characteristics 1 Mohm in parallel with 30 pF
Input ranges (full scale) ±0.5V; ±1V; ±2V; ±5V; ±10V; ±15V
Overload protection ±300V
PC interface USB 2.0
Power requirements Powered from USB port
Vertical resolution 8 bits
Bandwidth DC to100 kHz (real 10µs/div)
Maximum sampling rate 200 000 samples/sec
Triggers: Basic triggers: Auto, single, none
Advanced triggers: Rising edge, Falling edge Hold-off
Save mode Available
Dimensions Diameter = 25 mm, Length = 100mm

The main purpose of AutoScope Easy is universal oscilloscope in voltage, it’s a universal tool and it’s not tied to brand or model car. It’s designed with excellent opportunities to test all types of sensors which are used in modern automobiles. With additional plug-ins and probes AutoScope Easy is used to:

  • Visualization and measurement of current in the circuit;

  • Preview the impulse of the absolute pressure;

  • Measurement of the signal in the primary circuit of the ignition;

  • Measurement of the signal in the secondary circuit of the ignition.

It can record the results of all measurements for later analysis or to create a database of typical faults.

  • AutoScope Easy – main unit with USB cable;
  • Universal probe – 1 piece;
  • Setup CD with the program.
Operating System Windows 2000 SP3, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Programs .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable or later
Acrobat Reader version 5.0
Note: To communicate with its user interface adapter the program AutoScope Easy necessarily requires the correct USB drivers installed for it.
Computer Processor 1 GHz Pentium III, or equivalent
Computer Memory (RAM) 128 MB or higher
Free Hard Disk Space 700MB
IMPORTANT USB 2.0¹ compliant port