Automotive oscilloscopes

One scope waveform can often give you a clear picture of exactly what is happening and can save you many hours of time testing individual components and circuits in an attempt to identify and isolate a problem.

CarScope Viso

Automotive tablet oscilloscope for troubleshooting automotive electrical problems

CarScope Plus

Efficient enhanced speed LAN based 4-channel automotive digital storage oscilloscope

CarScope ETER

CarScope ETER 4-channel automotive diagnostic oscilloscope

AutoScope Easy

EASY scope converts your laptop or desktop PC into a powerful automotive diagnostic oscilloscope

Oscilloscope Service Kits

The Ditex Automotive Diagnostics Kits can be used to measure and test all of the electrical and electronic circuits and components in any modern vehicle. These scope kits allow you to diagnose complex problems and testing more signals at the same time. With our Automotive Diagnostics Kits, the automotive specialist obtains all necessary tools to perform most of the diagnostic tests to locate the problem.

CarScope Starter Service Kits

Starter kit allows you to perform various basic automotive tests and measurements

CarScope Diesel Service Kits

Diesel kit allows you to perform advanced diesel system tests and a lot of other automotive measurements

CarScope Extended Service Kit

The master kit is used for performing more advanced automotive tests and measurements

Oscilloscopes accessories

Choose from a broad portfolio of Ditex probes and accessories, all perfectly matched to our automotive diagnostic oscilloscopes. Oscilloscope test leads, current clamps, ignition probes, pressure pulse sensor and much more.

AC/DC Current Clamp CA-60

60 amperes two range AC/DC Current Clamp

AC/DC Current Clamp CA-600

600 amperes high current AC/DC Current Clamp

Automotive lab scope probe - BNC to single banana

High quality silicone oscilloscope automotive test leads

Automotive lab scope probe - BNC to banana + crocodile clip

High quality silicone oscilloscope automotive test leads

Banana plugs to female BNC adapter

Flexible multifunctional adapter - BNC female to 4mm male bananas

Banana plug to Banana plug test leads

4mm male banana plugs to 4mm male banana plugs

Attenuator 10:1

Used to extend voltage range of the scope to be able to measure higher input voltages

Attenuator 20:1

Used to extend voltage range of the scope to be able to measure higher input voltages

AC coupling adapter

Performs relative engine compression test when attached to oscilloscope

Capacitive Pick-up Clamp

Used for observing and measuring signals from the secondary ignition system\'s high-voltage spark plug wires

Insulated piercing test clips

Pair of fully insulated piercing spring load test probes

#1 Cylinder Trigger Pick-up Clamp

Inductive Pickup Clamp (Cylinder One), for use with Ditex CarScope series oscilloscopes.

Automotive needle probe set

Used for automotive electrical installation measurements without stripping the wires insulation

Coil on Plug Extension Lead

Universal Coil-on-Plug Extension Leads are capable of displaying ignition patterns from any lab scope.

COP sensor

Used as an additional secondary ignition pick-up probe to any automotive oscilloscope

USB Isolator

USB-to-USB Isolator protects your PC or Laptop while connecting USB peripherals wired to high voltages

Automotive Pressure Diagnostics

This category refers to engine analisys with pressure transducers and vacuum diagnostics. Ditex pressure diagnostic tools allow you to perform quick and accurate testing of many automotive systems.


Diagnostic Pressure Transducer PDS500G

100 ┬ÁS ultra-fast, auto zeroing, affordable automotive pressure transducer


Advanced Pressure Diagnostic Kit

In-cylinder pressure testing for finding serious engine mechanical defects

Pressure Pulse Sensor

Fast and accurate method to diagnose engine problems and verify the engine mechanical condition before using a scan tool

Automotive sensor simulators

Ditex automotive simulators for professional system analysis and fault diagnosis. Signal generator for simulating sensor signals. The signal generator, permits the testing of sensors including leads and connections when they are installed.

AutoSim Pro

Automotive Signal Generator for simulation of sensor signals

Automotive Sensor Simulator and Tester

Simulates output signal of the most automotive sensors and activates actuators

Automotive Resistance Substitution Box

Device is useful for simulation, inspection and testing applications of all car resistor type sensors

AutoSim Pro Master Kit

Automotive sensor simulator and signal generator with additional accessories

Intelligent universal electronic tow bar module

For connecting trailers and caravans to the car\'s lighting system

Diagnostic & repair tools

Diagnostic Tools & Testers you need to diagnose vehicles. Click here if you are looking for professional diagnostic tools.

CarScope i-Tester

Portable Engine Test Tool


CarScope i-Tester Master Kit

Portable Engine Test Tool with additional accessories

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Effective and easy to use tool for gasoline fuel injectors cleaning in ultra-sonic tank

OBD Diagnostic Port Tester

OBD2 diagnostic port tester easily detects interrupted/faulty supply and communication diagnostic wires

Stepper motor tester

The purpose of this tester for managing all types of stepping motors.

Battery system tester

Car battery, charging and cranking system analyzer

Mercedes Benz Dipstick

Mercedes Benz engine and automatic transmission oil level dipstick

AC/DC Current Clamp CA-60

60 amperes two range AC/DC Current Clamp

AC/DC Current Clamp CA-600

600 amperes high current AC/DC Current Clamp

Diesel common rail

Test equipment for testing all kinds of Common-Rail components. Our equipment works with Bosch Common Rail injectors and pumps, Delphi Common Rail injectors, Denso Common Rail injectors and Siemens Common Rail injectors.

Common Rail Injector Tester

The Common Rail Injector Tester drives all kind of solenoid and piezoelectric injectors

Common Rail Pump Driver

Controls fuel pressure/quantity of Bosch high pressure common rail pumps

Common Rail R - L meter

R-L meter to measure the resistance and inductance of various valves, injectors and solenoids

Diagnostic cables

Automotive diagnostic connectors and cables for OBD-II and pre-OBD II vehicles. Find your vehicle specific diagnostic cable if the standard 16pin OBD socket is not available. If the cable you are looking for is not listed, please contact us. Much more products are available and we will provide you with whatever.

DoIP MB Star Diagnosis OBD2 cable

For Mercedes SDconnect C4 and C5 interfaces with DoIP support

OBD2 16pins connector

Replacement male OBD2 16pins connector for your diagnostic tool

OBD2 female to male

OBD2 16 Pin Extension Cable Adapter Female to Male.

OBD2 female to male 10m

10 meters OBD2 16 Pin Extension Cable Adapter Female to Male

Iveco Daily 38pin to female OBD2

Iveco Daily 38 pin to female OBD2 diagnostic cable for AUTOCOM

VOLVO TRUCK 8 pin to female OBD2

VOLVO TRUCK 8 pin to female OBD2 diagnostic cable for AUTOCOM

Iveco Trucks 30pin to female OBD2

Iveco Trucks 30 pin to female OBD2 diagnostic cable for AUTOCOM