Precise compression adaptоr for PDS500x

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Тhis optional bi-metal compression adaptor is designed to have the minimum possible deflection and damping effects when pressure changes in a wide range.
The adaptor's extremely small internal volume helps maintain the volume internal of the combustion chamber during the compression stroke.
In this way, the total error of the measured pressure at top dead center is significantly reduced.

The PDS500x optional precise compression adaptor is used directly when the spark plug thread is M12x1.25mm.
For the other spark plug threads, the precise compression adaptor must be used with the appropriate additional adaptor to perform engine compression tests with the PDS500x.

The Compatible additional adaptors are:
Adaptor M10 x 1.0 short reach (Product code 3111)
Adaptor M14 x 1.25 short reach (Product code 3113)
Adaptor M14 x 1.25 deep reach (Product code 3114)

The precise compression adaptor has an integrated 17mm cutout for spannerwrench size of 17mm.

Note: This adaptоr is optional and it is not included in the PDS500X Pressure Transducer Kit!