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12V/24V Relay Bypass Test Kit

The perfect electrical circuit test assistant! Get the job done with ease!

RelaySim Pro is a handy tool that allows easy access to test automotive electrical circuit through a relay socket and fuse. Eliminates relay control circuits and provides manual control of the relay circuit.

It is compatible with standard 4 and 5 terminal relay circuits and can be used with most car makes and models. The RelaySim Pro can energize any relay that powers DC electric motors (fuel pumps, cooling fans, blower motors, window motors, and any other motor actuated by a relay), headlights, and other car lighting applications or almost all electrical actuators, such as electromagnetic, electromechanical, and electrohydraulic. Additionally, it can be used in series (in place of a fuse) with most other circuits rated for 25A or less. The device is suitable for both 12-volt and 24-volt systems and does not limit the operating current range. The operating range for continuous usage is up to 21 amps. The device supports a maximum surge of 27 amps, regardless of whether the voltage is 12V or 24V. Two LEDs (85 and 86 terminals) indicate voltage, polarity, and continuity in the relay coil circuit.

RelaySim Pro has a built-in dual high-definition LCD digital display that allows you to observe the current and voltage values in the circuit under test. The device measures the current flowing through the 87 or 87a circuit, depending on which one is currently activated. Also, it measures and displays voltage for circuits 85, 86, 87, 87a, and 30. You can directly observe the amperage and voltage going into an activated circuit, allowing you to assess the load's health. If an actuator is drawing more current than specified, or the current load is inconsistent during operation, the load/actuator is suspect and should be replaced.

RelaySim Pro, manufactured by DITEX, provides a wide range of embedded protective functions to protect the tool and the relay circuits under test.

  • Fits for 12V and 24V applications;
  • Separate control of the 87 and 87a relay circuit;
  • Integrated a dual high-definition LCD digital display;
  • Built-in DC ampere meter 0...50A;
  • Up to 21 amp operating current (for both 12V and 24V applications. See the specs for more details);
  • Measurement of the current through the activated circuit;
  • Built-in DC voltage meter 0...199.9V;
  • Independent voltage measurement on each relay terminal;
  • Open load detection in OFF-state;
  • Flags a fail event (Status LED).

Power supply operation range

 10 to 30V DC from car battery

Output channels

 2 (independent)

Number of simultaneously activated outputs

 1 (87 or 87a)

Output supply current - nominal

 21A (6 minutes min) each channel

Output supply current - surge

 27A each channel

Output short circuit current limitation

 65A each channel

Relay coil terminals 85/86 polarity status

 Green and Red LEDs

Main display

 Dual Voltage/Current digital LCD

Built-in voltage meter measurement range

 0-199.9V DC

Built-in current meter measurement range

 0-50A DC

Embedded protective functions

• Short circuit protection

• Current limitation

• Overload protection

• Thermal Shutdown

• Overvoltage protection

• Reverse battery protection

• Loss of GND and loss of positive
   supply voltage protection

• Electrostatic discharge protection

Built-in fault indicator

Red LED indicates fault for each channel

Dimensions – main device RelaySim Pro

 170 x 83 x 36 mm

Dimensions – hard plastic case

 280 x 230 x 80 mm

Weight – main device RelaySim Pro

 0.4 kg

Weight – complete set

 1.5 kg

  • Can be used in place of a relay and manually activate the circuit
  • Can be used in place of a fuse and manually activate the circuit
  • Universal cable extends the applications with non-standard or custom relay types or fuses
  • Power up DC motors, fuel pumps, fan motors with just a flick of a switch.
  • Allows you to check every relay terminal. Just unplug the relay and you can manually energize the relay circuit and measure voltage, current, all at the same time
  • RelaySim Pro can activate 87 and 87a relay's circuits independently.
  • Gives you possibility to check of the control side of the relay circuit too by a led indicator.
  • RelaySim Pro unit
  • 4mm Black Banana Plug to Black Alligator Clip Test Lead Wire Cable 1 Meter. This test lead for connection to the car chassis (GND) has a 4mm male banana on one end and a fully insulated alligator clip on the other.
  • 4-pin cable ISO Micro
  • 4-pin cable ISO Micro 280
  • 4-pin cable ISO Mini
  • 5-pin cable ISO Micro
  • 5-pin cable ISO Micro 280
  • 5-pin cable ISO Mini
  • 5-pin Universal cable. Provides maximum convenience when working with solid-state (SSR) and other relays that have unique pin assignments.
  • Hard Plastic Case
  • 2-year Warranty