Automotive Sensor Simulator and Tester

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Simulates output signal of the most automotive sensors and activates actuators

AutoSim is a smart testing device with power-on self-test. It is mainly used to simulate the output signal from automotive sensors: frequency, voltage, and O2 sensor signal. The users can enjoy great convenience provided by its user-friendly interface and fault tolerance design.

AutoSim picks up a service problem where the on-board computer’s diagnosis ends. Sensors tell the on-board computer something is wrong. AutoSim lets the technician determine if the faulty operation is a faulty sensor, a defect in the wiring or a problem in the computer itself.

The product is mainly used for wiring tests. This is because the device can simulate the voltages and check the live data readings on the scan tool to confirm the wiring. You can simulate most sensors from ABS to O2 sensors. Eliminates need to replace non-defective sensors, by the time you have changed a couple of un-needed sensors the device has paid for itself.

  • Completely changed hardware of the Ditex Automotive Sensor Simulator. Power supply ground and signal ground are galvanically isolated now;
  • DC power supply range extended – 8V to 40V;
  • Added a mode to simulate O2 Zirconia Sensor
  • Added a mode to simulate O2 Titania Sensor;
  • Added are modes to simulate CKP Inductive and CKP Hall sensors;
  • In both CKP sensor modes you are able to adjust the number of active teeth and the number of missing teeth;
  • Hand-held sensor simulator tester;
  • Works independently or with any scan tool or oscilloscope;
  • Eliminate unnecessary replacement of non-defective sensors;
  • Sensor simulation: voltage, frequency, O2 sensor signal;
  • Trigger output impulse;
  • Digital LCD display shows actual output of signals;
  • Matrix LCD screen with backlight;
  • Output short circuit current protection;
  • Anti-dirt film keyboard;
  • Simulates actual working condition of the most automotive sensors;
  • Simulates O2 sensor signal;
  • Checking of basic ECU operation;
  • Controlling the output signal allows to check the ECU response and operation;
  • It can drive ECU into “open” or “closed” loop;
  • Activation of some actuators;
Voltage simulation range 0.1V ~ 12V
Frequency simulation range 0.1Hz ~ 10KHz
Trigger pulse output up to 0.15 amperes maximum
Output amplitude 0.2V to 12V output amplitude can be selected at each mode
Output short circuit current protection ± 150 mA
Power 12V DC (auto battery typical)
Power supply range 9V DC ~ 40V DC maximum
Power connector 2.5mm DC Plug
Quiescent power current ≤160mA
Ambient temperature -5°C ~ +50°C
Ambient humidity 0%RH ~ 85%RH
Dimensions 195mm x 100mm x 40mm
Weight 400g