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Automotive Signal Generator for simulation of sensor signals

Since its release in 2012, the AutoSim sensor simulator has proven itself extremely popular with both technicians and professional diagnosticians thanks to its friendly user interface, attractive and reliable operation.

Eight years after the release of the original model, Ditex presents the second generation AutoSim Pro. Distinguished by its completely updated design and significant functional improvements, the AutoSim Pro Automotive Sensor Simulator from Ditex is a very useful tool suitable for both cars and trucks applications in a variety of working situations. This advanced sensor simulator creates an electrically equivalent system to simulate the sensors and actuators found on an actual vehicle.

In general, the AutoSim Pro is a specialized signal generator for testing sensors, including leads and connections when installed. In this way, it is possible to tell whether an ECU, a feed, a plug-in connection or a sensor is defective. This allows efficient fault elimination without replacing parts "on suspicion". One of the special features of this device is its easy and intuitive operation via function keys. The display continuously shows the most important settings such as current waveform, frequency, amplitude, offset, ramp time and pulse width.


Signal generator

Providing the most important signals: sine, square, triangle and ramps, up to 20 kHz make the device the ideal companion for experiments with all type components and sensors as well as for the analysis of electrical wiring circuits. You have complete control over the output signal: peak-to-peak amplitude, frequency, duty-cycle and pulse width. A microcontroller sets the output voltage in the range of 0V to ±12V accordingly to the programmed curves.


PWM generator for the dynamic control of vehicle actuators using pulse width modulation. The PWM generator function was specially designed to control flaps, actuators, valves, injectors and smaller DC motors. Generating variable power PWM signal up to 4 A.

Precise DC voltage source

The AutoSim Pro low-noise, high-resolution DC voltage output function is the right choice when a precision source of DC voltage is needed. Its bipolar output delivers up to ±12 V with 10 mV resolution and up to 35 mA of current.

Sensor embedded presets

Automotive Sensor Simulator with built-in preset configurations for simulation of CKP Inductive, CKP Hall Effect, Lambda sensor Zirconia, Lambda sensor Titania and Knock Sensor. You can disconnect sensor from the vehicle harness, inject the signal in the harness and watch the scope to see if the PCM responds positively.

  • Handheld standalone device;
  • Intuitive operation via function keys;
  • Ultra-fast boot time;
  • Excellent industrial design;
  • Operates on both 12 and 24 Volt electrical systems;
  • Illuminated 2.4" TFT LCD 320х240 display for optimum visibility;
  • Protection against reverse polarity connection;
  • Low distortion factor and high signal-to-noise ratio for brilliant signals;
  • Adjustable frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 10 kHz;
  • Generating variable power PWM signals up to 4 A;
  • One-wire hook-up PWM output;
  • Precise DC voltage source;
  • Internal Micro SD card for firmware updates
  • Simulates actual working condition of the most automotive sensors;
  • Efficient fault elimination without replacing parts "on suspicion";
  • Simulates O2 sensor signals: Zirconia and Titania;
  • Checking of basic ECU operation;
  • Controlling the output signal allows to check the ECU response and operation;
  • It can drive ECU into “open” or “closed” loop;
  • Activation of a large number of actuators;
  • Variable adjustable voltage output from 0 to ±12 volts;
  • Simulates crank and cam sensors inductive and hall;
  • In both crank and cam modes you are able to adjust the number of teeth and the missing teeth.

AutoSim Pro General Specifications

Sampliing rate 200 KSa/s
Settling Time 4.5 µs
Resolution 12 bit
Maximum output frequency 10 kHz
Output channels 2
Signal output SOUT
Power output POUT
Simultaneous operation of both outputs Yes
Standart operating modes Waveforms, DC, Pulse 
Built-in automotive presets Yes
High current PWM control Yes
DC Power supply 12V, 24V DC (vehicle battery)


Type TFT LCD Module
Size 2.4" diagonal
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Backlight 4chip white LED in Parallel 
High Brightness 150 cd/m2

Real time clock battery
CR2032, 210 mA/h - save time for up three years without external supply

Important note: Because of lithium-ion battery shipping restrictions, we do not include CR2032 lithium-ion battery inside in the air mail post packages. When you receive the tester, you have to buy a Li-Ion battery type CR2032 yourself and put it into battery holder socket inside the CarScope i-Tester. To do so, you should unscrew and remove four screws to open the bottom cover. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Included Memory Card
4 GB micro SDHC


Signal output specification:

Output polarity Positive and Negative
Output amplitude ±10 mV ~ ±12 V (10 mV step)
DC voltage output range ±10 mV ~ ±12 V (10 mV step)
Output current ± 30 mA maximum
Vertical resolution 12 bits
Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangular, Ramp
Sine wave frequency range 0.1 Hz ~ 5 kHz
Ramp/Triangular frequency range 0.1 Hz ~ 5 kHz
Square wave frequency range 0.1 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Square wave duty cycle range, 20 kHz 20% ~ 80 %, step 0.1%
Square wave duty cycle range, 10 kHz 10% ~ 90 %, step 0.1%
Square wave duty cycle range, up to 5 kHz 5% ~ 95 %, step 0.1%
Pulses 1 ~ 100
Pulse width 1 ms ~ 1 sec
Pulse period  2 ms ~ 5 sec

Power output specification:

Output polarity Positive
Amplitude 12 V
Max. output current  4 A continuous
Active level "switched earth"
Output frequency range up to 2 kHz
PWM duty cycle range 1% ~ 100%
Duty cycle setting accuracy 0.1%
Thermal shutdown Yes
Over voltage protection Yes
Current limitation Yes
Short circuit protection Yes


Power supply range 10V DC to 28V DC
Power connector Pluggable Terminal Block 5.0mm, 2 POS
Quiescent power current ≤160mA
Ambient temperature 0°C ~ +35°C
Ambient humidity 0%RH ~ 85%RH
Dimensions 160 mm x 94 mm x 25 mm
Weight 500g