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How to make the payment?

We accept payment by Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal, Money transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram, and etc), in US dollars and Euro.

Bank Wire Transfer

To pay by Bank wire:

1) Please contact us for the account information

2) Print it and go to your bank, ask them to wire the payment to the account

3) Send us the receipt issued by your bank.

We will check the incoming transfer and ship you the products ordered.

Your bank will ask for a transfer fee (the amount depends on the bank's policy) and please include this fee in your budget.

Money Transfer

Sometimes money transfer is a very good option for international buyers. It's much faster than bank wire and it is cost efficient. We accept money transfer though Western Union and MoneyGram, both of them have offices all over the world.  To pay by money transfer:

1) Please, contact us for the name and address of the receiver.

2) You will receive the name and address of the receiver you should send the money to, then just go to the nearest Western Union, Moneygram, etc office and send the money

3) Email us the "Money transfer control number" or "Reference number" and the total amount you sent (excluding the transfer fee).

We will pick up the transfer and ship you the products ordered.

Make Payment via PayPal

Enter website
Make payment to our PayPal account at
Note: you can make payment directly with your credit card.

Please note, there is a fee when you send a payment to us using PayPal. This type of payment is not free of charge.

Note: All Prices Quoted on this website Exclude VAT and Shipping